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               " Bling rainbow, has a long history ," Elegance Ceramics brand under the well-known ceramics enterprises in Guangdong Province , Foshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. Rui Yang unified management and operation , located in China Building Ceramic first city - Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a large modern management professional ceramic manufacturer .

                Rueiyuan quality molded ceramics brand , technology to promote the brand , word of mouth brand for the purpose . The company produced the series of ceramic tiles, color -rich, stable performance , low water absorption , high strength, fashionable and complete specifications. Decorative embellishment ideal building material construction and home space . Rueiyuan ceramic also has a strong sales team , distribution network throughout the country , a total of more than 200 distribution points. Has established a comprehensive set of sales , customer service , market research, analysis and decision as one of the marketing system , and adopted the Chinese national compulsory product (3C), ISO9001 international quality management system certifications. In addition, the company's brand also has won the " Chinese famous brand , green building materials , Chinese ceramics industry 's top ten brands," and many other awards .

                Rueiyuan ceramics established a system of specialized market strategy , product simply to serve as wings , adhere to the principles of quality and efficient , comprehensive approach to improve the level of brand operation , sustained and steady development , the industry 's most dynamic Ceramic brand. Through a nationwide sales network , and provide consumers with quality products and services and space solutions , leading architectural trend.

              " Quality of life, natural Rueiyuan " Rueiyuan will lead the home fashion brand positioning development, to create a modern fashion people living life and make greater contribution !